This wiki is intended to be used as a reference to those procedures and documents used for the evaluation of the professional educators at Shanghai American School. The Administration will endeavor to update and keep current the documents and the procedures that are shown here ongoing.

It should be noted that nothing on this set of wiki pages creates any employment or contractual rights, and does not constitute any changes in the employment agreements with the Shanghai American School employees who are evaluated using the documents and procedures listed here. The employment of Shanghai American School employees is governed by the employee’s contract and any applicable provisions listed in the Shanghai American School Board of Directors Policy Manual.

The evaluation process is primarily guided and authorized by SAS Board Policy 5.306, 5.3061 and 5.307. Those pages of the policy manual are attached below. Further policy inquires should be directed to the board policy manual available on PowerSchool.

Rationale for SAS Performance Evaluation Program

The SAS Performance Evaluation Program engages staff in a meaningful, respectful, and reflective process.

The evaluation program is based on the SAS standards of professional practice, ensuring accountability to our mission, core values, and Expected School-wide Learning Results.

Specifically, the goals include:

  • Enhancing student learning through the improvement of professional practice
  • Providing the individual with elements of choice within a consistent framework across all divisions
  • Identifying the need for and encourage the pursuit of professional development and personal growth
  • Recognizing and reinforcing outstanding practice
  • Promoting the achievement of aligned individual, group, and organizational goals.